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3times Burnt Seonunsan Bamboo Salt - 800g
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Product name | 3times Burnt Seonunsan Bamboo Salt
Contents | 800g X 1
Type of food | Burned and molten salt
Materials and ingredient content | Solar salt 100%
Packing material | pet
Date of Manufacture | Separately marked
Expiration date | 5 years from date of manuf acture

3-time burning process frees bittern from solar salt, making it taste indescribably sweet.

Three unwavering promises
made by the father and the son

1.We will only use high quality homegrown ingredients.
Only highest-quality bay salt is selected from the salt produced from Gochang County registered as the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve
Only wild, fresh and high-quality bamboo trees are selected for the bamboo salt.

2.We ensure mastery of our products.
We will make sure to put utmost effort every step of the process to create the best Seonwun Bamboo Salt.

3.We will never forget our initial passion.

We will continue to inherit the founding spirit of our company to make our society healthier

About Us

父竹子鹽(Made by a father evergreen as bamboo)
父子竹鹽(Made by his son following the father’s steps )


A father who has led his life with unwavering belief in Confucian principles likebamboo trees,
A son who has succeeded his father like salt that constantly remains unchanged,Our product is bamboo salt produced by such father and son based on ourphilosophy that we-father and son-deliver healthy lifestyle and food products withhonesty and our own philosophy.

Korea Lohas Food is located in Gochang-gun, Jeollabukdo, surrounded by pollutionfree beautiful landscape, which is the only area to be designated by the UNESCO as conservation area entirely and has become the 5th area designated by the UNESCO World Heritage Site as ecological conservation area.

Korea Lohas Food produces bamboo salt by using best-quality materials strictly selected among giant timber bamboos scattered around Mt. Jiri and Damyang and bay salt yielded along West Coast in Gochanggun designated by the UNESCO World Heritage Site as ecological conservation area.
By using the bamboo salt produced in this way, we produce traditional fermentedfoods (such as bamboo-salt Kimchi, bamboo-salt fermented soy, bamboo-saltfermented fish and enzyme).
Bamboo salt inherited from our ancestors hopefully may contribute to keeping people's

health and even humankind's health in better condition. Korea Lohas Food wil continue to learn and make continuous effort to become an enterprise respecting nature, tradition and health.

Tae-jung Shin Founder


What is Bamboo Salt?

Bamboo salt is produced by placing solar salt produced from the West Coast rich in minerals into bamboo holes, adding red clay to it and repeatedly burning it in a kiln in high temperature of 800~1500℃ 9 times with fire struck by pine resin.

Bamboo salt, burned 9 times in such high temperature, comes free of bittern and impurities of solar salt and pollutants such as heavy metal and instead is reshaped as salt rich in minerals delivering unique salt taste.

Burning salt in such high temperature to create bamboo salt is the world's only recipe. Bamboo salt is very helpful to keeping metabolic balance in human health. Bamboo salt represents our ancestors' time-honored wisdom and craftmanship.
Five-Elements applicable to developing bamboo salt

Bamboo tree
3-year or older thick-stemmed bamboos are selected to make bamboo salt. Bamboo salt characteristically tastes like egg yolk because natural sulfur ingredient is infiltrated into bamboo salt. Such taste goes deeper as the burning process increases.
Solar salt
Solar salt produced from the Wesat Coast in the country is renowned for being rich in minerals.The solar salt free of bittern is used to produce bamboo salt.

Pine tree
Pine tree is used to produce bamboo salt. We
hold on to traditional techniques to produce
bamboo salt by using pine trees.
Steel kiln is used to burn bamboo salt because it is thought that steel kiln may garner strength of five elements and help to generate bamboo salt in genuine sense.
Red clay
Red clay is used to enclose entrance of bamboo tree holes. By mixing red clay obtained from the underground 2 meters deep or more and leaving it for about one day, it is used to enclose entrance of bamboo tree holes so salt may not get out.
How to process bamboo salt

How to take

jugyeom Grain
Place one to two big grains or 5 to 10 small grains into your tongue and leave them for some minute. You will find you are salivating. Repeat the process 15 to 30 times to take them in.

Place 1 tea spoon of bamboo salt into your tongue and you will find you are salivating. If you hold the salt for as long as possible and then take it in slowly. 40 to 50 minutes later, it would be netter to take persimmon leaf tea or ginger teat or just water..

If you hold bamboo salt in your mouth for as long as possible, it turns into best-quality ingredients. Taking 8g of bamboo salt a day is recommended.

jugyeom Garlic and bamboo salt
Garlic should be burned through frypan or microwave to
lessen spicy ingredient and then should be peeled off to
soak it into powder bamboo salt before taking it.
Eating a pack of garlics after meal is recommended
(one time to 3 times a day, a pack of
garlics soaked with bamboo salt)
taken when taking it

jugyeomAnyone who takes bamboo salt for the first time should take small amount (for 7 days since one started to take in), Considering bodily conditions, one chooses to increase such amount.

One with hypertension and kidney disease or one prone to vomiting
should begin to take in extremely small amount. Considering bodily conditions, one chooses to increase such amount.To keep the bodily condition in balance, it is important to take 250g of bamboo salt per month.
  How to put bamboo
salt to diverse use

Bamboo salt may be used to cook in very many ways
(such as meat, fish, laver, soup and vegetables), It may be used to make kimchi or make fermented
soy sauce.)

When brushing teeth
Lightly put toothbrush into water and put bamboo salt into the brush to brush teeth.
Brush your teeth, massage your gum and then gargle for one minute.

In case of bad breath,
hold bamboo salt in your tongue before taking it in.

When you drink alcohol heavily,
eat bamboo slat before and afetr drinking alcohol.

When catching cold,
bamboo salt excels in sterilizing.
Frequently hold bamboo salt in your mouth and gargle. After taking it, drink hot ginger
teat 40 to 50 minutes later.

Nasal clean-up
By making bamboo salt water, place it into your nose to clean it up.
Or inhale bamboo salt powder.

When feeling a pang in your neck
Hold bamboo salt on your tongue on frequent basis.

Bamboo salt bath
After burning bamboo salt through frypan, towel it into painful body area.
Bamboo salt
to skin

jugyeom_beauty How to wash your face with bamboo salt
After washing your face with warm water, rub 50%
of tea spoon of bamboo salt in your hand,
lightly massage it for about 30 seconds and
wash it again to wash your face with cold water again.

Bamboo salt pack
Select one among honey, milk and water to mix bamboo salt in
a ratio of 1:1.Spread it into your body and wash it 10 to 15 minutes later.

Bamboo salt massage in bath tube
Mixing bamboo salt with water after taking a shower and then spread it into your body. 2 to 3 minutes later, enter sauna room, sweat and wash your body. Use bamboo salt to bathe your feet and your body.

Bamboo salt massage
After taking a shower, mix bamboo salt with water to lightly spread it into your body and then massage for about 3 to 4 minutes.After spreading bamboo salt into your body and toweling your body for 5 to 10 minutes, wash your body with clod water.Drop some water into one spoon of bamboo salt, mix and
spread it into your body and then wash it from your body 5 minutes later.



Change in salt
result in change in food

Change in food
result in change in health

This is the 1st step to
keep good health and
toward change

Lohas bamboo salt


Shipping Guide
· Delivery is based on the payment date (card payment, bank transfer) takes about 1 ~ 3 days.
(It takes 1 day ~ 2 days on weekends and holidays)
· Delivery of some island areas and island areas may be delayed.
· The item will be shipped by courier, so you can not specify the arrival time.
· In case of returning goods due to missing address, missing payee or liaison, the cost of the incident must be borne by the customer.
· Natural disasters and work delays (out of stock) may cause delays in shipping.
· There may be changes in the markings without notice for quality.

Exchange / return information
· After purchasing the product, please confirm whether or not the product is abnormal.
· The product can be exchanged within one week, and can be switched to another product or reserve.
· Return may be restricted in case of improper storage or loss of goods due to carelessness of the customer.
· You will be responsible for additional shipping costs when exchanging or returning by your simple remorse.
· Refunds will be processed after the return process and after the shipper's receipt of the product.
· If the delivered product is different from the order contents or damaged, damaged or contaminated, it can be exchanged and returned..


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