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Origin of Life - Salt

Salt has always been with the humanity
from the start along with water and the air, making it one of the essential elements for survival
and thus extremely important.

Salt has always been with the humanity from the start along with water and the air,
making it one of the essential elements for survival
and thus extremely important.

Babies stay in their mother’s womb for around ten months before they are born,
and the amniotic fluid consists of almost the same elements as those making up the sea waterwomb for around ten months before they are borntart along with water and the airs needsechnology, eco-friendliness, stable and.

And also people’s blood contains 0.9% of salt.
As such, human body embodies the sea from which all life forms on earth were born.

And all the living creatures dwelling away from the sea need salt for their daily activities,
and it is crucial for them to consume salt concentrated from the sea water.

There are ample marine minerals contained in natural salt in particular
and these minerals control metabolism of various kind and play an important role in maintaining life.
The salt produced from the sea is both the origin and the repository of life.


The basics are the most important part.
We will be able to live young and healthy
if we stick to the basics.

Ringer's solutiont and sal

Old literatures say that King Sejong enjoyed salted soup made by adding bay salt whenever he felt weak. In modern terms, it is like taking saline solution. Bay salt is rich in minerals essential to the human body, and can help promote metabolism. For such reason, salt was frequently used in the past as medicine during emergencies.

What we know as the Ringer's solution is saline solution added with 0.03% of potassium chloride and 0.033% of calcium chloride, while saline solution is 100mℓ of distilled water with 0.9g of sodium chloride. Saline solution is transparent and colorless, and has osmotic pressure same with serum. When injected to the human body, it supplements water loss caused by infectious diseases, poisoning etc, and also promotes the restoration of blood pressure and discharge of toxins.

Meanwhile, glucose solution is made by adding 0.1% of glucose to Ringer's solution, so that the components of the solution will be close to those of blood. As shown above, salt is used significantly in areas closely related to our everyday lives.

What Salt Does to Human Body

Key Functions of Minerals in Human Body

It adjusts balance of minerals (alkali and acid) in the body and activates metabolism of cells.
It promotes metabolism of cells and activates enzymes
It keeps moisture balance of the body and enhances muscular activity and discharge
of the waste in the cells
It makes cell membranes and bones strong and is involved in the cardiac muscle and nerve system
It is connected with metabolism that discharges waste out of the body through moisture balance and plays an important role in muscular contraction.
It is effective for healing various skin diseases and enhances its resistance.
It activates brain activity and enhances concentration and thinking power.
It recovers DNA, removes active oxygen and prevents aged skin and cancers.
It is an integral part of Vitamin B12 and plays a role in regulation and stimulation of enzymes.
It is an important component in the synthesis of thyroid hormones. Some states of America legislated to add iodized salt into edible salt for the purpose of disease prevention.
It is the most abundant mineral in the body, next to calcium. It exists mostly in bone and teeth as calcium phosphate and its remaining amount exists in the cells of the body as phospholipid and nucleic acid.
t is involved in the normal growth of the body and removes fatigue.
t makes red blood cells, maintains cardiovascular system by increasing the efficiency of iron absorption and is necessary for normal immune function
Sulfur accounts for the eighth largest portion of elements in human body. It is contained in largest amount in skin, bones and hair. It plays a crucial role in anti-cancer, detoxification, purification, and anti-aging.
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