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Korea Lohas Food
Korea Lohas Food
Strong belief in the benefits of Bamboo Salt

Before producing bamboo salt himself, my father had always mulled over how to relieve the pain of the sick people and restore health for their lives. This is precisely what drove Korea Lohas Food to work on producing healthy food. There was little my father can do in this reality, so he thought all he could do was to keep healthy people healthier so as to create a healthier and brighter society.

The ultimate conclusion he finally reached through reading, contemplating and studying natural medicine was that how you eat is crucial. Our ancestors, too, said that three meals of the day are the ultimate cure for all diseases.

I could feel that there is a depth in his saying.
He studied hard with a strong focus on essentials for human survival: the air, the water and salt! He worked hard to learn more about salt and eventually onto the bamboo salt.

My father was all the more amazed and overwhelmed about the benefits and effects of the bamboo salt.

I returned to my hometown, Gochang, and cut in person all the bamboo trees growing near my house. He secured bay salt produced at nearby salt farms to create his own bamboo salt, and shared it with his neighbors. The more he learned about the bamboo salt, the deeper his conviction grew over the benefits of the bamboo salt.

Bamboo salt as our family business

It has been 10 years since my mother and I started helping my father produce bamboo salt in Gochang by visiting the area once in a while from Seoul and now it has become a family business. It has been seven years to be exact since I started in earnest producing the bamboo salt with my father.

At first, I just wanted to help my father because he was struggling alone to run the business but now it is much more rewarding job because I can be with my father making the bamboo salt as a family and because I can be of some use to the society and making its members healthier.

The reason why our whole family could start this business of farming bamboo salt is because we had faith in our father’s beliefs in the benefits of bamboo salt. The precious crystals of bamboo salt are made through once, twice, three times….even nine times of roasting and processing. It is the fruitful result of our family’s profound passion and painstaking efforts.
I wish that our bamboo salt will be loved not only by domestic customers but those beyond borders and will prove its value to the global community.

I truly respect my father who has continuously and determinedly walked the same old path for the past ten years or so.
I also respect my mother who has stood by him and supported him every way possible.

I sincerely wish that our family could create bamboo salt that can make our society happier and healthier.
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